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Recording Studio in Lafayette LA

Recording Studio in Lafayette LA | Mixing, Mastering, Production, Songwriting | Wave Theory Studios

Recording Studio in Lafayette LA


Recording Studio in Lafayette LA

You don't treat your music like a hobby, and neither will We.

We all know what it feels like to work with a producer or an engineer that doesn't give your music the time and attention that it really deserves.  Here at Wave Theory Studios, I intend to break that cycle.

I will do more than just hit the record button...

                                 's what we can do together:

- Discuss YOUR ideas. 

- Discuss who YOU want to be as an artist.

- Discuss what influences YOU and where that can take YOUR sound.

I want to provide an environment that will help you create the best songs you've ever written.

The first step in turning your music into a career.


recording studio in lafayette LA

Full instrumentals, vocal melodies, lyrics and synths:  Co-writing is one of our specialties.  We are fully equipped to help you turn a bare bones idea into a massive radio friendly composition.


From vocal effects and processing to sampling that is unique to each project; we make sure that you have all of the pieces you need to make all of your tracks rich and interesting.

recording studio in lafayette LA

Vocal Production

recording studio in lafayette LA

We want your vocal to shine, so our main focus is to help you build a pristine vocal framework to lead your songs.  We take the time to capture the absolute best vocal performance from singers of all styles.

Recording Studio in Lafayette LA


Lead Producer/Engineer Austin Dore' has been a musician and songwriter since 2005, and active in the music industry since 2013.  Led by a passion for production and a desire to give every song a larger than life appeal -


- Crafting the modern sound starts here.


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