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Nashville Recording Studio

Country Recording Studio in Lafayette LA | Wave Theory Studios

Nashville Recording Studio

crafting THe 
Starts Here

Nashville Recording Studio

You want thaT

big nashville sounD, We'll help you get it.

Having produced and recorded songs featured by CMT (Country Music Television) and breaking the top 25 on iTunes Country Music Charts,

we know what it takes to make a great Country song.

I will do more than just press record...

                                 's what we can do together:

I want to get to know you as an artist first, so I can help you achieve the exact sound you've always wanted. I want your music to contend with the best in the world of Country Music.

The first step in turning your music into a career.


recording studio in lafayette LA

You have big ideas for your songs, and we want to help make them a reality. Even if you only have vocals and no other instrumental accompaniments, co-writing is one of our specialties. We can deliver full instrumentals, alternative vocal melodies, lyrics and everything else in between to fully realize your songs. We are fully equipped to help you turn a bare bones idea into a massive radio friendly composition.

If your song is finished but needs a few more things to make the song really pop, we can add anything from acoustic guitars, banjos, mandolin, organs, auxiliary percussion or any other appropriate instrumentation to make sure that you have all of the pieces  to make your tracks rich and interesting. We won't stop until you think the track is perfect.

Vocal Production

recording studio in lafayette LA

We'll make sure you have the best takes and the absolute best quality to match the industry standard.


The vocal is THE most important part of any Country song. And we want your vocals to shine; whether it's dry and clear or spaced out and vibey, we take the time to dial in the absolute perfect vocal sound. You can finally have that top 40 sound that all of your favorite artists have. Why settle for less when your career in music may depend on it?

Nashville Recording Studio
Nashville Recording Studio


Hi! I'm Austin Dore' the Lead Producer/Engineer at Wave Theory Studios. I've been a musician and songwriter since 2005, and active in the music industry since 2013. Since then I've been a part of hundreds of songs, honing my craft and having songs featured by CMT and breaking the Top 25 on iTunes Country Music Charts along the way. Led by my passion for production and a desire to give every song a larger than life appeal -


- Crafting the Modern Country Song starts here.


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