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Lafayette Recording Studio


Hi! I'm Austin Dore' the Lead Producer/Engineer at Wave Theory Studios.


I'm a songwriter, producer, mixing engineer and multi-instrumentalist.

I've been a musician and songwriter since 2005, and active in the music industry since 2013. I began as a guitarist in a signed touring act, and completed 8 National tours, 3 Canadian tours and one tour in Japan.


These experiences led to my love for production and songwriting. 


Since then I've been a part of hundreds of songs, honing my craft and sharpening my skills as a producer and songwriter.


I've had  songs featured on Rolling Stones Breakthrough 25 Chart, featured articles on CMT (Country Music Television) and breaking the Top 25 on iTunes Country Music Charts along with countless other publications.


I've been able to achieve this because I give every song the same level of attention to detail with a passionate approach. 

Book a session now and I can do the same with your song!

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