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Recording Studio in Lafayette LA | Mixing, Mastering, Production, Songwriting | Wave Theory Studios

Here’s a compilation of our most frequently asked questions, if you Want to learn more about what to expect from your studio experience, download our free guide here:

How much is the hourly rate?

We do not offer an hourly rate. Instead we offer a daily rate or a flat rate is quoted per song. The daily rate includes whatever we can finish in a full day (10am-5pm). The flat rate will reflect the amount of work necessary to complete the song, (this includes editing mixing and mastering when needed). We do this so there is no clock floating over your head and we are never “under the gun” to get the song finished.  We don’t have to rush the creative process and you can concentrate on getting the best takes possible.

When do I have to pay?

50% Payment for each song is due in order to schedule the session. If you are booking multiple songs then 50% of the overall total will be due in order to schedule the session(s), and the other 50% will be due the day tracking begins for the first song. This is all completed via PayPal through PayPal invoicing.

Are there alternate payment options?

If you can’t pay the full sum to book your time we accept financing via PayPal as well. You can make monthly payments with no interest if completed in 6 months or less. (monthly payment amounts and interest policies are subject to change based upon PayPal's current policies)

Does the studio offer discounts?

We do sometimes offer discounts and promotional pricing. Discounts and promotional pricing only last for a limited time. The best way to stay up to date is by subscribing to our newsletter/email list here:

What is included in the flat rate?

Songwriting, tracking, mixing and mastering are all included within the flat rate, what ever is necessary to complete the song. This is why thoroughly communicating your songs needs is very important.

What genres of music do you work with?

We specialize in modern pop and alternative including all related sub-genres. This means top 40 radio, dark-pop, modern hip-hop, pop-rock, pop-country, and any other related styles of music.

Do we have available session musicians?

Yes, we offer session players for guitar and bass at no extra cost for any session. Any other instrument (drums, violin, brass, etc.) is also available but will require additional payment and you will need to let us know at least one week prior to the session to give us time to set it up.

What time do sessions take place?

Sessions go from 10am-5pm CST, Monday-Saturday. Personal and National Holidays may affect these hours.

Do you offer full band live recordings?

We do not offer full band live recordings, only multi-track recordings one instrument at a time. We do however offer live renditions of songs up to 4 tracks, this is mainly utilized for acoustic, or stripped versions of songs. Which can also be filmed in studio.

IF you still have more questions, take a look at the free guide then REQUEST A QUOTE!

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