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Hip hop

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Online Hip Hop Mixing and Recording Studio in Lafayette LA | Wave Theory Studios



You don't treat your music like a hobby, and neither will We.

We all know what it feels like to work with a producer or an engineer that doesn't give your music the time and attention that it really deserves.  Here at Wave Theory Studios, I intend to break that cycle.

I will do more than just mix your music...

                                 's what we can do together:

I want to get to know you as an artist first, so I can help you achieve the exact sound you've always wanted. I want your music to contend with the best in your genre.

The first step in turning your music into a career.

Pre-Production and

Post Production

Have you ever felt like your beats could hit harder? Ever thought your producer had a great idea for an instrumental but it just didn't sound as big as you thought it could? That's were we can help.

recording studio in lafayette LA

We do more than just mix.  If your kick doesn't knock hard enough, we'll create one that does. If your 808 is weak and boring, we'll make a new one from scratch to make the track sound huge.


From modern Instrumentals and processing to sampling that is unique to each project; we make sure that you have all of the pieces you need to make all of your tracks rich and interesting.


We'll even recreate the entire instrumental if thats what it takes to make it pop. We won't stop until you think the track is perfect.

recording studio in lafayette LA

Vocal Production

recording studio in lafayette LA

Do you feel like your vocals come out sounding flat even though you thought you had the best take?


Do you wish your vocals could have the same quality and effects like the artists that inspire you?


The vocal is THE most important part of any Hip-Hop, Rnb or Pop song. And we want your vocals to shine; whether it's dry and clear or spaced out and vibey, we take the time to dial in the absolute perfect vocal sound. You can finally have that top 40 sound that all of your favorite artists have. Why settle for less when your career in music may depend on it?


Lead Producer/Engineer Austin Dore' has been a musician and songwriter since 2005, and active in the music industry since 2013.  Led by a passion for production and a desire to give every song a larger than life appeal -


- Crafting the modern Hip Hop/Rnb mix starts here.


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